Stack My Mac was a McDonald’s online video game. Part of a Big Mac viral campaign, the game delivered online coupons customers could redeem for Big Mac® Sandwiches and Dr. Pepper drinks. The game saw some ridiculously high scores from players around the world which was a true testament to how long people would play. I scored 1.5 million with a game that lasted 4 hours. The last high score I saw was over 3.5 million! This game was my baby, in that I came up with the concept, designed every piece of it including the strategy and worked on the animation and sound effects. This game premiered at the 2008 Portland Trailblazers Streetball Jam at the Rose Garden after only four short months of development. I also created a marketing banner campaign to draw players in to compete for coupons that exceeded it’s predicted numbers by over 1,000%.
Here’s a small clip of the game in action. You play by matching three or more like-icons consisting of Big Mac ingredients and Dr Pepper. With each ingredient matched, that ingredient is added to the sandwich. The key is to stack a whole Big Mac as many times as possible while keeping quenched with Dr Pepper by combining it’s icon to keep the glass full. If the Dr Pepper runs out, the game ends.