Now you can own the photo that almost sealed my sure scramble to find a local hospital. Luckily for me this sidewinder decided to give me a warning rattle. Meticulously light painted, this serpent is three hundred feet long and crosses the road in the middle of the desert in Borrego Springs, California. Choose between printed on Metallic Kodak Professional Endura Paper or FujiFlex Crystal Archive acrylic face mounted with a back frame, ready to hang in your home or gallery.


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Choose Between Kodak Professional Endura Metallic archival paper to frame yourself or Fujifilm FujiFlex Acrylic face-mounted with a back frame ready to hang.

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Before I left I did weeks of research into not only location, techniques and the metal sculpted desert inhabitants, but lots of research also went in to the living, breathing ones we may encounter as well. It was on my mind constantly, the thought of an encounter with a rattlesnake. That is, until you are several hours in to the creative process, checking and sharing camera settings, light painting the serpent sculpture with a flashlight, and setting up a large LED. It is right around this point, when you forget all you researched and are in the creative moment that you hear a rattle under your feet in the complete darkness. This is an experience I will never forget, just like the experience of seeing and photographing the sculptures of Galleta Meadows by artist Ricardo Breceda – Metal Sculptor scattered throughout the beautiful desert in Borrego Springs, CA. I can’t wait to go back, but this time I will remember to to take just as much care throughout the experience with where I am and what I’m around than I do light painting and checking my composition.

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Two types of photo prints are offered, but choosing the right one for your home or collection is simple.

  • Option one is to have a photo printed on Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper. Kodak calls their Endura Metallic “the flagship” of award winning Professional Endura papers. The glossy finish and metallic look will make your prints stand out and demand attention. Choose this print option if you want to frame or mount the image yourself.
  • Option two is to have your photograph printed with FujiFlex Crystal Archive and face-mounted to acrylic. FujiFlex lightjet printing is a silver halide, true photographic printing material on a polyester base. Sometimes referred to as Fuji Supergloss, the material has an extremely glossy, almost glass like surface resulting in high color saturation, fidelity and depth. Images appear three dimensional, similar in visual characteristic to Ilfochrome (Cibachrome). FujiFlex and Fuji Crystal Archive RC prints are the standard worldwide for photographic fine art printing and the paper often used in high end galleries. The added bonus for printing with this option is your print will be face mounted to 1/4″ acrylic and sandwiched between 3mm black Sinatra on the back. A sturdy black 2 1/2″ custom aluminum frame is then added to hang your print giving the image a little space off the wall with a nice sophisticated edge-to-edge floating look. If you’ve been in any high end gallery recently, you’ve seen this type of mount. Acrylic face mounted prints can still be put in a frame of your choice if you prefer that look. The image below is an example of an acrylic face-mounted print.
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