After weeks of preparation and a lot of hard work by all involved, I’m proud to post our entry in the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Commercial Contest. Little Z did an outstanding job when we weren’t testing his patience by plopping him in his chair over and over again. I’d like to personally thank my beautiful wife for her help and participation as well as Daniel Redman for the hilarious fight song. This commercial also couldn’t have been made in any comfortable sense without the help of Eitan Hagler.

I feel we were able to create what was in my head, and that’s saying something considering the short time it took from realization of the full concept to delivery. This isn’t even mentioning three non-actors and a 20 month-old who is without a doubt the most professional of us all. I’d like to personally apologize to our house for all the abuse and stabbing it with a knife. I paid dearly cleaning up beer-soaked flour and hot sauce that was cemented on the floor. I’d also like to apologize to Z for making it OK to throw brussels sprouts but not his meals every day as he now thinks all food must be thrown.