Bombay Beach is a welfare town. A tiny neighborhood on the eastern shore of the Salton Sea where if you cut out the peripherals can easily resemble an atomic bomb testing area. Partly buried in putrid water and dead fish, with not much to do and nothing open past 6PM, the residents spend a lot of time indoors with whatever creature comforts they can afford, which probably isn’t much with the median household income here only $16,000 per year. These two ladies were out for a stroll down to their buried trailer park ghost town to watch the sunset, but not without a fly swatter. An American Flag covers the bag draped over the back of this woman’s scooter and she told us the government flies in canned goods for them to eat once a month. Despite their poor diet and unsavory living conditions, these two were very kind and outgoing and spoke with pride about their little corner of the universe.