Created entirely in Photoshop in 2000 back when, aside from basic shapes and lighting, I pretty much drew everything with a mouse. It was very painful at times, but felt much like the same meditation-though-suffering endured with sidewalk chalk art and the poor old fingers. This piece was the cover for the San Diego punk band Lot Thirteen. They didn’t have a concept for the cover so they said I could do whatever I wanted. I think I asked them what Lot Thirteen meant and since the real answer didn’t invoke anything creative I decided to take it to another galaxy far, far away. 😉 It is obvious where the inspiration here lies.

In this scene the character on far right has created tiny minions in his likeness who do his dirty work, stealing chips from the dude on the left. In the background is a character sucking the life out of another because this is intoxicating to us, I mean them. Can you tell I was still in my youthful angst period?