Beauty is often in the places less-traveled. While the other tourists are scouring The Ponte Vecchio around the corner this little scene awaits in solitary and humble grace in an otherwise uninteresting dead-end alleyway. I have no idea what inspired me to enter this little five meter corridor but when I turned around and saw what could not be seen from outside I was grateful for what I was given. The lonely and seductive light and shade bathing this bicycle and wall, I joking thought, went unnoticed by all but me on this day. While still chuckling at the mere thought of this, I couldn’t help but wonder if Italians wonder why we foreigners are so interested in taking photos of their bicycles. Do they think we are silly, or perhaps just bicycle enthusiasts? Then I wondered if they are so used to seeing this type of scene they are immune to it’s beauty and charm? This thought was squashed by the pure fact that the owner of this bicycle could not have parked it in a more perfect way to marry it to the rest of the artistry that is this little hidden gem. After all, they created this beauty and only add to it daily.